Bernat Soft Boucle


Quick Facts

Bernat Soft Boucle

Final Verdict: 4/5

Aesthetics: 4/5

Difficulty: 3/5


Bernat Soft Boucle is a Super Bulky weight yarn (6) boucle yarn. This 100% acrylic yarn is made from soft fibers wound around a thread core. The boucle type of yarn is very common and there are a few different brand options out there. Bernat’s is affordable and comes in a fairly good sized skein, however, it’s a tough starter.


This yarn is very soft. Despite the core being thread, the “furry” exterior is a dream. It feels very nice against even sensitive areas such as the neck. Despite not being a traditional twist, the yarn isn’t frayed. Where this yarn loses points are with the color options available. There are only 14 colors available and out of those only five of them are solid in basic shades. The rest are variegated. I haven’t worked with all the colors but the one I tested did not stripe or have any pattern.

The lack of colors available makes it not as desirable as some of the other brands that make similar yarn.


This yarn is a little tricky to get started with. Unlike traditional yarn, it has very little give. This can make it a little difficult to work out your tension as you knit or crochet. Of course, once you have it down, it goes fairly smoothly.

Bernat Soft Boucle in Moss Shades

It does not work easily on smaller needles so you’re stuck with working on large needles or hooks (in case you wanted to make a super dense fabric) so it is unsuitable for projects that do not call for bulky yarn.

The yarn itself had very few flaws. A few ticks here and there but nothing that needed to be cut out or would show in the final product. Because of the make of the yarn, it is very forgiving when it comes to joins and minor flaws. Just remember to pull the ends from the center or else you’ll find yourself with a knotted mess.

Final Thoughts

Over all, this yarn is very pretty and makes for some uber-comfy projects. It does take some practice to get used to and is certainly not the best yarn for people who are just starting however, if you have at least a few projects under your belt, working out the issues with this yarn should be no problem.


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