Studio Samples By Nicole (Various)

Studio Samples Basic Fashion Nicole
Different types of Studio Samples, Fashion and Basic yarns by Nicole

Quick Facts

Studio Samples By Nicole

(in store only)

Final Verdict: 3/5

Aesthetics: 4.5/5

Difficulty: 2/5


The Studio Samples by Nicole are 68ish yard skeins of various types of yarn. We are also including Nicole Basic and Fashion Yarns, which are 220 yards. The reason I’ve decided to review them separately from the main Studio By Nicole Yarn is because they tend to be a mixed lot that is not always available in full skeins. Instead, these are small samples thrown into a bin and are likely to attract thrifty shoppers as they are only a dollar a piece. However, buy at your own risk.


This yarn is really pretty. In all of its weights, yarn types and styles, this yarn has some great colors and feels lovely. Very soft, vibrant, rich colors, and when the piece is finished, it looks very nice. The Fashion and Basic lines also include versions of many popular novelty yarns in a variety of colors.  Which is why it pains me that such an affordable yarn with so much promise sort of falls to pieces when working. Literally.


For as lovely as this yarn looks, once you start working with it, you’ll find it has a lot of problems. The issues differ by style.

The shiner yarn, which come in solid and striped colors splits very easily making quick knitting nearly impossible. There’s also a wealth of color issues such as mis-dyed areas or not quite right spots when it comes to the “glitter” yarns, these often have mistakes in the winding that cause the glitter to bunch up making yards of it unusable. These larger skeins also are not always continuous strands. Instead, stuffed inside the main skein there are cut pieces.

Once a project is done, it’s still not safe. The yarn is wound poorly and unravels from odd spots in the piece even after a project is complete.

Final Thoughts

This yarn is really inexpensive and if it didn’t have so many issues, a few skeins of this and you could make yourself a nice project for really cheap but there’s a reason the Studio Samples, Fashion, and Basic yarns are all bundled for a dollar. The look of them is great but the quality of them is junk.

Grab a few if you would like, they’re great as testers for new stitch techniques or testing how a novelty yarn will look with a project, scrap yarn, filling, or craft projects but do not plan on making anything that will see substantial use.


2 thoughts on “Studio Samples By Nicole (Various)

  1. Love the studio samples by Nicole. Would love to get full versions so I can finish a project I started with the 2015-04-1 in white light (3).


    1. Hi Kathy!

      Did you look on Ebay and Raverly? I don’t know if there was ever a full version of that particular type (some of them DO exist as full skeins) but sometimes you can find lots of certain samples listed. I know how frustrating it is to run out of a yarn you need.


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