Envelope Slippers – Free Beginner Tunisian Crochet Pattern

Envelope Slippers

My husband wanted a pair of slippers. He always wants a pair of slippers. I made him some knit ones but they met a tragic end (he stepped in dog poop) and he was jealous of a how warm the Tunisian crochet pairs I had made for my daughters were.

The pattern for them was pretty feminine and really not his style so I designed a pair of slippers using Tunisian crochet that were a bit more gender neutral. The instructions are totally free and they make a great first Tunsian Crochet project.

If you don’t know how to do this style of yarncraft, you can check out my Skillshare class on it.

The pattern is as follows and is available on Ravelry (if you got here from there, hi!) .

Envelope Slippers

These are easy to make Tunisian Crochet slippers that can be made to fit any size foot.


Yarn – any yarn will do but remember, this style of crochet makes a heavy “fabric” so even worsted weight yarn will make really warm slippers. The slippers in the picture were made with Lions Brand Amazing.

Hook – your hook just needs to be the right size for your yarn. This is a small project so you can use a normal crochet hook with a rubber band on the back to hold your stitches. My slippers were made with a size J crochet hook.

Instructions (Make 2) :

1. Chain enough stitches to go across the top of foot and down the side. I wear a size 8.5 (US) shoe so this was 15 stitches for my foot. Proceed to create the Foundation Row (FR).

2. Continue in Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) until the length of your piece measures the length of your foot + ½. For me, this measurement was 9+4.5=13.5.

I made my slippers just a little smaller, 13 inches so that they would fit a bit snugger.

3. Bind Off (BO) until there are a little more than a 3rd of the stitches left. For my slipper this was six.

4. Work these stitches in TSS until you have a length that is enough to wrap all the way around the slipper to connect back to the front. For me, this was about 16 inches.

5. BO last stitches.


To assemble your slippers, all you need to do is stitch along the seam and attach the “tail” the top of the slipper. You can either turn it inside out and stitch it on the inside for a rounder finish or stich along the outside for a boxier look.


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