Joylve Baby Yarn

Joylve Baby Yarn

Quick Facts

Joylve Baby Yarn
Material: Cashmere 98%, Lamb Cashmere 2%
Weight: Fingering
Yardage: 230*

Final Verdict: 4.5/5
Aesthetics: 5/5
Difficulty: 4/5


Joylve is a fingering weight yarn that can be found through many discount online retailers (I purchased mine through Amazon). It is a light weight yarn that comes in a variety of bright colors making it ideal for baby items. It is also very low priced, likely because it’s shipped from China. Despite how shady it may seem, this yarn turned out to be a solid purchase.


Joylve is a fingering weight, cashmere yarn, according to the website. As I mentioned before, this did come from a Chinese retailer so the actual label is all in Chinese. Either way, this yarn is super soft and feels wonderful to work with. I was blown away with how nicely this worked up.

I did a few small testers in crochet, knitting, and Tunisian crochet and each option gave the yarn a different feel. Knitting created a light weight, smooth piece. Crochet, a very soft, almost bouncy piece of fabric. Tunisian style left me with a sturdy and heavier piece. Across all three styles, the yarn kept its bright colors and softness.

The packaging was dirty from travel but the yarn itself was clean, there were no weird chemical smells or anything of that nature, however, I would still suggest washing whatever you make with this before use.


This yarn was very smooth to work with. I did not encounter any tangles, weak spots, or knots of any kind. The only issue with it really is that it does split a bit when working but it is not as “slippery” as the sheen of it would have you think.

The splitting issue is more of a problem with crochet than knitting but once you start working on the piece it seems to get better.

Final Thoughts

This is a really great yarn for a really low price. We can’t really confirm if it is actually cashmere blend but it does feel very nice and holds up very well in various types of yarn craft. The color selection is very nice and it’s sturdy enough for even a beginner to be able to work with.

*The yardage is a guestimate. It is not listed on the website so we calculated it from the grams (50g) to get an approximate idea. If you do decide to use this yarn, it might be best to buy a skein or two more than you think you’ll need.


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