Q: What type of yarns do you look at?

A: All types! Our only requirement is that it is affordable. As such, we will be looking at yarns that you can buy in “big box” craft stores as well as those you can purchase online.

Q: What do you mean by affordable?

A: Well, this is tricky. Affordable means something different to everyone so what I find affordable may seem cheap to one person or way out of the price range of someone else. In general, the rule I’ll be following is that the cost of the yarn will not exceed the cost of just buying the item already made from a nice store.

Q: So you only look at acrylic yarn then?

A: Not at all! We’ll look at anything. Wool, cotton, mohair, bamboo, silk, etc. We will look at yarn found both online and in the wild from a variety of manufacturers.

You will see many types of acrylic yarn here however because of their price point. Also, we want to help make handmade items accessible to many people who may only have access to big box stores and are looking for good yarn to work with or are just getting started.

Q: Do you take suggestions?

A: Of course! We love to hear from our readers and if there’s something you would like us to look at out there, we will do our best to accommodate you. That being said, we can’t get our hands on every yarn right away. Please be patient with us.

Q: How do you even rate yarn?

A: We look at two areas on a five point scale. Aesthetics and difficulty of working.
Aesthetics are the colorways available and the feel of the yarn. Basically how pleasing it is just in the skein, hanging out and what it looks like when it’s all done up.

Difficulty of working encompasses what happens after you start knitting/crocheting/weaving with it. How well it holds up, if it splits easily, loses its luster, is knotted or tangles easily, or is just generally a difficult customer to handle.

One side may weigh more heavily depending on the yarn.

Q: Will you review my FILL IN THE BLANK?

A: Is your FILL IN THE BLANK yarn related? If yes, shoot us an email! If not, then sorry, no.